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Portal Updates

As Client Track Portal continue to grow with new features and improvements, we like to provide updates on what's been added.

What's Been Added

January 2019
• My Vault
• File Explorer renamed as 'Virtual Filing Cabinet'
December 2018
• Secure File & Email Sending. Read more
• Secure Document Request
September 2018
• Ability to be notified by email when clients upload documents
• Ability to export tables to pdf, excel, and copy to clipboard
• Column customization (view/hide columns based off what the client wants to see)
• Accountant can overwrite files - client can overwrite if the accountant unchecks it as not done
• New and improved look for both desktop and mobile
• Updated responsive design and compact design option (compact design is default)
• Bug and performance fixes
June 2018
• Secure file sharing - send secure encrypted file link to third-party via email to download file
• Filter tasks/operating procedures by timeframe
• Mass file upload
• Ability to view files in column view (currently grid view option only)
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