The Client Track Portal is an optional cloud based add-on that works with our existing Client Track desktop software so that you can access your information on the go through a browser based portal or a phone app.

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Client Track Desktop

The Client Track Desktop represents the guts and brains of the program where you do all the main setup.

Client Track Portal

The Client Track Portal gives you access to the important information you need on the go and remotely.

File Sharing

The Client Track Portal also gives you a shared cloud based document storage system where you and your clients can view and store files securely online.

Client Access

Give specific clients access to the Client Track Portal. Clients can view the tasks you are working on for them and give you the information you need.


Step 1

List of Documents

Client Track allows you to easily list all the documents you require from each client and their respective deadlines.

For example, you can setup template lists of documents generally required for GST deadlines and then easily modify the template list with the exact documents required from ABC client for each quarterly GST return.

Step 2

Email Notification

Client Track can then email the client with the exact list of the documents you require before the deadline come due.

Client Track clearly gives the client a 'Call to Action' deadline date that they must meet to get all the required documents to you.

Step 3

Client Track Portal

We provide an online web based cloud portal system where you and your clients can view and share files online.

The client can login at their convenience and provide Accounting Professionals the documents they require.


Accountant Portal

Allows Accounting Professionals to view all of their clients' information, tasks, associated documents, missing information and communication entries. The Accountant's Portal serves two purposes: to allow all staff to access their main client information from any internet connected device, and to serve as a fantastic shared cloud based document manager system where clients can drag and drop their requested files.

Shared Document Vault

The shared document vault allows the Accounting Professionals to have access to each of their clients' shared folders which breaks down all the files uploaded by clients by tasks. Each client would then get access to their own respective file folder to see and view their own files.

Client Portal

The Client Portal allows Accounting Professionals to enable a client portal login where each client can log in and view relevant information about their tasks and missing information.

The Client Portal also lists all of the required documents the Accounting Professionals has requested and to allow the clients to easily drag and drop their files into the proper shared folders.

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